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Know why Strong study habits and class involvement is more important in High School


Strong study habits and class involvement have never been more important than they are in high school. Students should ask questions if something is unclear, keep up with assignments and get help when needed so they don’t fall behind. College admission boards look beyond grades and test scores when making admission decisions.

Volunteering with charitable organizations and engaging in school-sponsored activities is viewed as a plus. Personal Facebook and other social media networks are subject to review by admission officials. Students and their parents should ensure that online information is suitable for viewing by admission officers.

High school is also when students take one or both of the standardized college readiness entrance exams. Most colleges require a minimum ACT or SAT score, but the higher the score the greater the chance for college admission and more choices when it comes to scholarship and grant availability. Many students choose to take the test twice, once as a junior and again as a senior. The junior test score highlights areas that need work and gives students the opportunity to take supplemental courses and score higher the second time.