Monthly Archives: August 2016

Sending Your First Kid Off to College

You’ve been working and preparing for this day for so long that you probably thought it was never going to come. Now that it is here, you almost dread it ending. The staff at the Spartanburg Day School has the following recommendations:


  1. Relax! This is certainly easier said than done but while your child is not going to want to admit it, they are nervous. If you show anxiety or anything like it, they will pick up on it.
  2. Get all your dorm supplies in advance. Moving anywhere, at anytime in our lives is stressful and this is no exception. Many stores have sections devoted to the dorm room so get as much as possible done before. Order your stuff online.
  3. Be supportive, not opinionated. This is not the time for last minute advice or fighting between you and your child or you and your former spouse. This should be an exciting, not dramatic day.
  4. Don’t be surprised by your child’s reaction to your leaving. They may want to have dinner with their friends or with you, be flexible about this. Don’t take any decision they make personally, it’s not about you.


You’ve done your best to get your child ready to get into college and they’ve made it this far. Try to enjoy the day and relish all you have accomplished. Now you just have to get through the next four years.