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Wide variety of dance classes for kids to cultivate the dancing spirit in them


It is highly essential to kindle the spirit of dancing in children at a very young age. Also, children may start dancing out of their interests. The dance is a source of energy for the little ones learn coordination, musicality and allow them to exercise in a fun way.

Best way to cultivate the spirit of dancing and to make your children great dancers is by enrolling them in classes for dance for kids Glendale AZ.

There are several types of dance activities and styles for little ones to learn such as :

In the world of dance, Ballet stands as the most comprehensive and complex discipline. It is considered as the sum of all the basic knowledge of dance. A discipline that is able to create beauty and art movement.

One way to begin to know the body of fun, start sculpting the future movement, learning to coordinate, learn to listen, exercise pace, using appropriate methods for younger …

Aimed at all alumni / ae who want contact with dance. Postural positioning, rhythm, coordination, working etc. By special methods, in order to learn the basis of this beautiful discipline.

Would you like to see how your kids learn and have fun in a healthy and fun activity? Through music, dance and play work expression and body coordination and rhythm. They learn to follow rules, to take turns, to work together … and enjoy with the music! We discover new songs and also work with those who already know and we will include activities with a musical instrument. An hour full of discoveries!

Zumba and Hip Hop for young
Why limit yourself to one style? For those who enjoy both dancing Latin rhythms, and urban rhythms … Zumba Hip-Hop! A diverse class for children between 6 and 10 years that will combine Zumba choreography, with the practice of some of the basic steps of Hip Hop. The best way to enjoy all kinds of music and working the most varied movements …

Only in few dance academy and classes these are offered. In this activity, children learn to interact with other children from the hands of their parents, parents will also see a change in the behavior of children with them. This activity promotes ties of parents with children and how younger relate to other children. Share with your interest for one hour a week and learn to play musical games, coordination, etc …


Dance Nation in Glendale AZ for dance classes for kids

Dance Nation AZ, located in Glendale AZ, offers a wide variety of dance classes for kids. Their classes involve ballet, tap, jazz, tumbling, hip hop, contemporary, and even musical theater.

Classes are provided Monday – Thursday from 4pm-830pm and Saturdays 9am – 1130am.

Kids can even advance to earn a spot on their competition team at Dance Nation AZ.