Education is the Key to Success

Everyone grew up hearing the mantra “knowledge is power” and it is true. Unfortunately, over the years, there are school systems that have failed its faculty with limited to no resources, and more importantly the students.

Mounds Park Academy an accredited (and member) of the Independent Schools Association of the Central States has continuously maintained high standards and quality of education for their students since 1982. Mounds Park Academy is also recognized as an Independent/non-denominational/non-profit. Grade levels expand from Pre-Kindergarten all the way to 12th grade. Essentially, this allows the students to literally grow up, and evolve physically, mentally, and educationally in one stable/consistent environment. Block scheduling begins in the 5th grade in order to reduce outside interruptions, and a more innate level of intellectual concentration.

Enrollment is maintained at exactly 485 students in one building averaging around 17 students per class. What makes this academy astounding is the statistics of having 100% admittance to 4-year colleges and universities. There are admission requirements, and financial tuition obligations which can be found directly on the website including more in-depth details. This setup not only ensures the students a successful post-college school career, it prepares them, and their parents for college lifestyle and standards early on.